Is It Dangerous to Sit Near a WiFi Router?

The world today is more connected than ever before. However, the global connection comes with a hefty price tag, especially for people’s health. All the devices that people use to stay connected with each other and to use the internet, like WiFi routers, smartphones, computers, etc., emit EMFs. 

WiFi routers can be especially dangerous as they sit in your home and blast your house with RF radiation. So, is it dangerous to sit near a WiFi router? The answer is simply yes. The EMF radiation you will be blasted by may cause oxidative stress, cancer, and DNA damage. 

Is It Dangerous to Sit Near a WiFi Router

Is It Dangerous to Sit Near a WiFi Router?

Sitting close to the WiFi router in your home is dangerous due to the EMFs and radio waves emitted by the device. The EMF radiation entering your body may cause damage to your cells and cause you to develop illnesses like cancer, oxidative stress, seizures, insomnia, etc. 

The Risk of Spending Too Much Time Near a WiFi Router 

While sitting near your WiFi router will allow you to connect to the internet more quickly and have no interruptions when scrolling through social media, it is vital to be aware of the danger you put yourself in. 

Many are unaware that there is any danger at all. They think that WiFi routers are safe and are unaware of the amount of RF radiation they absorb in their bodies by sitting near them. And worst of all, your brain is especially vulnerable to the effects of electromagnetic fields, which is why you must protect it from EMFs. 

EMF radiation transmission and reception are the two hazardous features your router is built to execute. So it seems evident that the area around the router would be a radiation hotspot. 

You risk being exposed to all that radiation if you sit close to that area, none of which is good. If you cannot move the location of your router, it is a good idea to put some distance between you and the router.

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Protecting From WiFi EMF Radiation

Protecting Oneself From the EMFs Emitted From WiFi Routers 

Unfortunately, it is pretty hard to avoid using WiFi routers as most people need them to connect to the internet for their jobs, to stay connected to loved ones that live in different corners of the planet, etc. 

In this case, the next best thing is to learn to protect yourself against the EMFs emitted by your WiFi router and minimize their impact. There are several ways you can protect yourself and your family. 

Do not sit close to the WiFi router 

We would strongly advise you to keep your router isolated and avoid being in the same room for longer than 10 minutes at a time. Ensure the router is at least 10 feet away if you must sit in the same room. 

Avoid sitting near the router because the closer you are to it, the higher the chances of absorbing harmful EMFs. Ideally, you should keep the WiFi router isolated in a room different from the one you and your family spend most of the time in. 

However, if the router is, for example, in a room where you spend a lot of time in, ensure you are at least ten feet away from the device at all times. 

Turn off the WiFi router when not in use 

It is wise to turn off the WiFi router when not in use because you do not use the internet constantly. In addition to saving you money on power bills, it also avoids adding extra radiation pollution to your house.

When you switch it off before going to bed, this is highly beneficial. This enables the radiation to naturally fade so that you awaken in a clean home free of EMF radiation the following day.

Keep EMF-emitting devices out of the bedroom 

As long as our bodies have time to repair, they can withstand EMF radiation. Because constant radiation exposure prevents our bodies from healing, its harmful effects on us accumulate over time. 

Start by making your bedroom an EMF-free space to disrupt the loop. A smart device should not be permitted in the room, and you should use battery-operated alternatives in place of any electronic gadgets, including alarm clocks. 

This enables our body to repair the harm our cells and tissues experience throughout the day at night. This also lowers the risk to your general health and increases the likelihood that you will not be overexposed.

Faraday cage 

The Faraday cage is made of metal mesh that can block EMF radiation and is named after the scientist who invented it, Michael Faraday. The Faraday cage can block electromagnetic radiation from penetrating its walls. So, if you put your WiFi router in a Faraday cage, the EMFs will be unable to reach you and your family. 

The best thing about Faraday cages is that you do not even have to spend money to get one. Instead, you can build one with a metal box or a garbage can. 

Get a WiFi guard 

You can purchase a WiFi guard for your router from any online retail store. A WiFi router is a worthwhile investment as it will reduce EMF emissions by up to ninety percent. Moreover, the cage will not interfere with or disrupt your connectivity while protecting you from EMF radiation.

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Is it dangerous to sit near a WiFi router? If you wondered that, the answer is a resounding yes. If you sit close to a WiFi router, you will be blasted with a large amount of EMF radiation. 

And as you know, EMFs are incredibly harmful to people and may cause diseases like cancer and oxidative stress to develop. So, if you cannot avoid using a WiFi router in your home, you should minimize the amount of EMFs it emits. 

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