Best Low EMF Heating Pad

Many people deal with chronic pain every day. This can seriously hinder their lives, as pain is incredibly challenging to deal with. When someone suffers from chronic pain, it is no surprise that they will try just about anything to find relief.

People who suffer from this condition frequently choose painkillers over natural treatments. Even though medications are effective, they often come with dangers of adverse effects. Choosing a natural solution, on the other hand, has numerous advantages.

This is where heating pads come in and not just any, but infrared ones. There is nothing like a heating pad to relieve back pain, headaches, or muscular stiffness at the end of a long day. It relaxes and rejuvenates your body by soothing it and loosening your muscles.

And not only infrared but many of the heating pads today are filled with special crystals known to have incredible healing properties. Some of the crystals often used are amethyst, jade, and tourmaline.

However, what is important is to keep in mind to only look for a low EMF heating pad. So, now you may be thinking to yourself, how do you find the best low EMF heating pad? Well, there are a lot of choices on the market, so we made a list for you to be able to choose a suitable low EMF heating pad for yourself.

Low EMF Heating Pad

Top Choices for the Best Low EMF Heating Pad 

  2. Healthyline
  3. GemsMat
  4. UTK
  5. UTK


When you are looking for a heating pad, you, of course, do not want to get one that will blast you with too much EMF radiation. Instead, you will look for one with low EMFs. One such pad is the PHYMAT Amethyst infrared heating pad. 

The PHYMAT is a 67-inch by 27-inch full-sized heated mat that is the ideal size for full-body relaxation. To deliver an authentic hot stone experience, PHYMAT’s pad incorporates amethyst, turquoise, obsidian, orange jade, and crystal.

EMF blocking layers are also included to help minimize the unit’s EMF output for safer use. The temperature of the mat may be set between 86 and 158 degrees Fahrenheit, and the built-in timer can be set for four, eight, or twelve hours before it goes off automatically.

This heating pad is also fire-resistant, thanks to a layer of flame-retardant cotton and non-combustible carbon heating wire. This is because there is amethyst in this rainbow 5-color infrared heating pad.

You can obtain far infrared therapy, hot stone therapy, and negative ion therapy when you use it. Hot stone treatment and far-infrared physiotherapy are both excellent for relieving and relaxing your shoulders and neck.


Five Kinds of Crystals In The Heating Pad 

Amethyst, Clear Crystal, Turquoise, Obsidian, and Orange Jade are all found on the surface of the Rainbow Phymat Amethyst Far Infrared Heating Pad. The temperature of the filled gemstone rises as the mat heats up, and warm gemstones can emit far infrared rays and negative ions. Natural Gemstones can be heated easily and retain heat for a long time. The heat from the hot stone penetrates deep into your body.

Overheat Protection 

You do not have to worry about your pad overheating and possibly catching fire because a temperature sensor is included in the PHYMAT infrared heating pad that protects against overheating.

In order to prevent overheating, the switch automatically shuts off the unit when a hazardous temperature is detected. Non-combustible carbon fiber heating wire is used as a flame retardant material. The heating pad is filled with flame-resistant cotton on the inside.

Smart Display Controller  

The heating pad comes with a smart display controller, allowing you to adjust the temperature to your preferred settings. The temperature is adjustable from 86 up to 158 Fahrenheit or 30 to 70 Celsius. There is also a timing setting on the pad for 4, 8, and 12 hours. When your heating mat reaches the timing temperature, the heating system of the mat will be automatically shut off. 

Customer Experience

The customers seem exceptionally pleased with the PHYMAT amethyst far infrared heating pad, leaving a slew of positive reviews. They also have an accommodating and friendly customer service staff who is always ready to answer their customers’ questions.

If, in any case, you receive a defective product or they send you the wrong one, PHYMAT will take full responsibility for the replacement of said product. They will cover the return shipping charges and will send you a free replacement heating pad within the year.

  • Five kinds of crystals in the heating pad
  • Protection against overheating
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Pain relief
  • Return policy
  • Far infrared heating
  • You may need to cover the mat before you lay on it to avoid getting burned


Healthy Line is a New York-based brand that rose to prominence by merging innovative technologies like infrared, negative ions, and photon light therapy to develop advanced organically powered heated gemstone therapy mats.

All of the products that Healthy Line manufactures are tested entirely and have proven health benefits. Their most important priorities are the safety and health of their customers. All of the products are made with materials of the highest quality.

The Healthy Line Far infrared heating pads are made up of Jade and tourmaline stones that are encased in circular meshes that run the length of the heating pads. They also have a digital controller and EMF protection layers. 

The pad dimensions are 32 inches long by 20 inches wide, weighing a weight of around eight pounds. It has an EMF filtration mechanism that lowers the quantity of EMF radiation that the user is exposed to. This mat also includes a 12-hour auto-shutoff timer, making it ideal for sleeping. This is not a full-body mat, but it’s perfect for laying under your back or legs.

This biomat from Healthy Line comprises 14 to 20 layers of high-quality material, each with its own function. It’s made up of jade and tourmaline stones that emit the most negative ions, as well as a special carrying case and an LED remote control. 


With this heating pad, you can get three types of therapies:

Hot Stone Therapy 

The heating pad provides hot stone treatment, relieving stiffness and muscle strain by applying heated pressure to the back or stomach. The heated surface helps relieve mild muscle spasms and improves flexibility by momentarily increasing local blood circulation and delivering more oxygen throughout your body. It also serves to relax both the body and the mind, resulting in better sleeping habits and enhanced energy levels.

Negative Ions Therapy 

The heating pad releases negatively charged molecules into the air, which minimize toxins in the surroundings and enter your body, causing good effects. They can help you improve your lung function for more efficient breathing, prevent sleeplessness by increasing serotonin production and relieve mental stress by increasing your oxygen flow.

Far Infrared Therapy 

The heating pad provides far infrared therapy, a type of non-visible light that can penetrate up to 6 inches into the muscles, tissues, joints, and other parts of the human body.

The far-infrared rays emitted by the infrared heating pad are intended to provide temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness, relief of arthritis-related joint pain, muscle spasms and strains, muscular back pain, muscle relaxation, and a temporary increase in local blood circulation.

Customer Experience 

Customers generally have positive reviews of this infrared biomat, praising its performance and use. Since getting this heating bio-mat, a customer reports that she has been sleeping all night soundly.

She was cautious at first about the potential benefits of bio-mats, but she now has less pain and suffering than previously. She would enthusiastically recommend the Healthy Line healing mat to anyone interested in learning more about negative ions therapy.

Plus, Healthy Line offers you a five-year warranty on your heating pad. However, some customers have had some troubles with their remotes.

  • Affordable heating pads
  • Easy to use
  • It has jade and tourmaline stones
  • Adjustable temperature
  • It comes with a carry case
  • Helps to alleviate pain and helps you relax
  • No amethyst stones
  • Problems with the remote control


The GemsMat Isabella Far Infrared Heating Pad is one of the smaller mats on this list. But, still, it works great and helps with alleviating pain and stress. This is owed to the combination of crystals it contains, jade, amethyst, and obsidian. Plus, thanks to the far infrared and the negative ion therapy, the heating pad provides numerous health benefits.

So, if you are searching for a way to heat up a specific area, this GemsMat mat is a good option. According to the manufacturer, this mat emits less than 2mG of EMF radiation, which is relatively low compared to other infrared heating pads on the market.

The temperature range is 86 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit, and the supplied controller allows you to program the pad to shut off at a specific time, making it ideal for overnight use. Also, the remote control tells you at all times where your heat level is. It is recommended that you unplug your mat between uses, according to the manufacturer.

The heating pad also has a removable top cover that you can wash to keep it clean, plus a carrying bag for when you travel so that you can take it with you. 


Natural Jade And Negative Ions

The 48 jade stones in the GemsMat Isabella Far Infrared Heating Pad release heat and beneficial negative ions to reduce pain, enhance blood circulation, and boost your immune system. If you are struggling with chronic pain, consider getting this mat.

Remote Digital Control 

The heating pad has a digital remote control which makes using the mat very easy. It has an LED status indicator, making it simple to set the temperature and time to your liking. The remote also has a Memory Function that remembers your preferred settings. If you do not set the time, it will switch off after 12 hours. 

Flexible Heating Pad 

The GemsMat Isabella Far Infrared Heating Pad is pretty flexible. What this means is that you can easily wrap it around any part of your body that hurts, and the pain will subside. The heating pad can be used by older people who lack strength and have severe back issues. 

Customer Experience

The customer reviews about this heating pad all speak about how it has helped them with various health issues. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact their customer support staff, and they will gladly help you. 

Furthermore, your purchase is risk-free because they offer a one-year warranty. You can get their after-service for free if you have a performance failure within a year that is caused by non-human damage.

  • It has amethyst, jade, and obsidian stones
  • Far Infrared, negative ion, and hot stone therapy 
  • Affordable price 
  • Remote digital control 
  • One-year warranty 
  • Adjustable temperature 
  • No tourmaline 
  • It is a pretty small heating pad 


Do you have muscle tension and joint ache that you would like to get rid of? Now you have the opportunity to get rid of them all without having to resort to costly procedures or medications. This low-cost heating pad provides infrared thermal therapy. As a result, it improves your blood circulation and relieves your discomfort for good.

The soft heating pad from UTK resembles a typical mat. It features a soft, velvet cover that is pleasant on the skin, and it’s large enough to cover a significant area of your body at 24-inches by 36-inches.

The pad is EMF-free, despite the fact that it uses infrared technology. It contains an auto-shut-off feature and memory functionalities that allow you to pick up just where you left off.

The temperature range is also between 103 and 159 degrees Fahrenheit, so this pad can go just about as hot as you need. The pad and its attachments come with a three-year extended guarantee from the manufacturer.

The heating pad is made of gold velvet, so not only is it soft and light, but it also has excellent warmth retention. 


No EMF  

Unlike other heating pads available on the market, the UTK Ultra-Soft Heating Pad uses direct current, does not generate too many currents, and has a fixed magnetic field. This means there are no chances of EMF radiation. 

Far Infrared Therapy 

The UTK Ultra-Soft Heating Pad has a built-in Carbon fiber. This means it can emit far-infrared rays, which are known for their ability to penetrate deep into the human tissue. The far-infrared therapy helps people find relief from their pain, and it has many other health benefits. 

Memory Function 

The smart remote controller for the UTK Ultra-Soft Heating Pad has a built-in memory function called the MEM button, which is very convenient if you forget the heat and time settings. All you need to do is long-press the MEM button twice, and it will save your settings. Plus, there is an auto shut off after four hours. This is a great convenience when it comes to limiting energy consumption, and it keeps you safe.

Customer Experience 

Customers love that they can wrap the heating pad around themselves and that it is incredibly soft. So, it comes as no surprise that they get a large number of positive customer reviews. 

If you have any questions or issues with your heating pad, you can reach out to their customer support as the staff are available 24/7 and always ready to help. Also, UTK offers a three-year warranty on all of its products.

  • No EMF Heating Pad 
  • Auto shut off after four hours 
  • Memory function 
  • Affordable price 
  • Large heating pad 
  • Far infrared therapy
  • No crystals included


In case you want something that will stay securely on the body part that hurts, then there is the UTK Jade Infrared Heating Pad Wrap For Pain Relief. This heating pad, the second offering from UTK, is unique in that it is also a wrap.

This is ideal for your arms and legs since you can wrap your limb in the pad and get heat from all directions. It measures 47 inches long by 2.5 inches wide and is made up of eight different types of jade stones. The pad is EMF-free, according to UTK, because it is powered by DC electricity. This heating wrap is a wonderful choice if you are searching for targeted pain relief.

This is also one of the most cost-effective Zero EMF heating pads available. The UTK includes tiny stones that allow it to wrap around any body part while remaining flexible. It works wonders in relieving tension by penetrating deep into the muscle tissue.

The UTK is excellent for back, shoulder, hip, leg, arm, knee, and foot pain, as well as any other type of discomfort. It features a velcro strap that allows you to keep it fastened for extended periods or walk around while using it. It is recommended that you use it for 30 minutes every day or as directed by your doctor.


Natural Jade Stones 

The heating pad has eight Jade Stones and can reach a maximum temperature of 159°F in 1° interval. The UTK heating wrap provides a truly relaxing and pain-relieving experience. When it heats up, it emits a large number of negative ions, which enhance brain oxygenation and gradually relax your body and mind. The stones are used in conjunction with far infrared heat therapy to give a wide range of health advantages for both the body and the mind.

Flexible Heating Pad 

The UTK Infrared Heating Wrap is 47 inches long and suitable for people of all sizes. It has a long, slim, and flexible design that easily wraps around many body parts, including the back, neck, elbow, wrist, ankle, thigh, and arm, delivering targeted Pain Relief. The heating pad can be used to target specific problem spots on the body.

EMF Free Heating Wrap 

A lot of studies have been conducted on the effects of EMFs on human health. To ensure that there are no EMFs, this Infrared Heating Wrap is powered by DC power. UTK specializes in health care and is dedicated to eliminating EMF at all times. It has the best Carbon Fiber Heating Element, which releases far-infrared rays that penetrate deeply and evenly into the skin and muscle, offering relief and healing by improving circulation and decreasing inflammation.

Customer Experience 

Overall, the UTK Jade Infrared Heating Pad Wrap is one of the best low EMF heating pads available. It has a lot of positive feedback, is well-made, and emits little to no EMF radiation. 

Customer support is available every day of the week during all hours, so you do not have to worry about not finding someone to answer your questions. Plus, UTK, as we have mentioned, offers an impressive three-year warranty.

  • Flexible heating wrap
  • Great for pain relief 
  • Affordable price 
  • No EMFs
  • Uses DC power 
  • Natural jade stones 
  • The temperature may be a bit hard to adjust 
  • May cause burns if used too long 

What you need to know when looking for a low EMF heating pad

What You Need to Know When Looking for a Low EMF Heating Pad

If you are new to the heating pad market, you do not precisely know what to look for. However, some factors play a significant role in choosing the right pad for your needs. We have compiled a list for you to go over with some of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing a pad.

Areas That You Can Use It On 

These pads come in various sizes and are intended for usage on various parts of the body. A larger mat that fits a bed will be great if you want a full-body mat. Smaller mats can target specific body parts, and some pads are created expressly for use on the legs, arms, or stomach. So depending on why you are buying the heating pad, consider what size would be suitable for you. 

Consider The Certifications 

It is critical to double-check that the mats have passed safety tests for your personal safety. So keep an eye out for things like FDA registration, and if it isn’t stated explicitly, ask the maker about it before making a purchase. If they refuse to answer your question, it is best to avoid them, as they most likely have not passed any inspections. It is highly unlikely that independent labs have tested their products.  

How much do low EMF heating pads cost

Mat Fillings

Some infrared mats include therapeutic stones like amethyst crystals, jade, or tourmaline, each with its own set of healing properties. However, some infrared mats are only equipped with an infrared heating feature and do not contain any special stones or crystals. You can choose the heating pad to be with stones or not, depending on your preference. But the heating pads that are filled with crystals may have better healing benefits.

EMF Protection

Another factor to consider is whether or not the device provides EMF protection. These electronic devices can expose you to high quantities of unnatural electromagnetic radiation, which can interfere with your sleep, psychological functioning, and general health. EMF protection works by modifying, decreasing, or blocking the electromagnetic field’s nature to make it tolerable to the human body. All of the heating pads included on this list have no EMF or are very low on it. 

Buyer Protection

If this is your first time buying a product of this nature, it’s critical to look for one that comes with a warranty. In some circumstances, this guarantee might last anywhere from a few months to a few years, so make sure it is an option in case you acquire a broken or defective item. The brands with lengthy warranty periods are confident in the high quality of their products, so we recommend choosing them. 

Consider The Price

The pricing will vary from low to high, but this is usually determined by the size and the item’s features. Natural stone infrared mats are more expensive than mats without these natural therapeutic characteristics. Make sure to choose a mat that fits in your budget. There are some great heating pads on the market at a very affordable price.

Benefits of Using a Low EMF Heating Pad 

Benefits of Using a Heating Pad 

Heating pads can be used to treat a number of issues, and they have significant health benefits. Heating pads are especially great in providing relief from pain and muscle aches. And there are also other benefits from using heating pads. Some of them are:

Improves Circulation and Promotes Health 

Muscle injuries can occur as a result of sports, exercise, or just overexertion. On the other hand, infrared heat therapy is known for aiding faster healing and alleviating pain and discomfort by improving blood flow to joints and muscles. 

It Is Not Addictive 

With a heating pad, you will not have to worry about addiction as you would with pain pills or prescription drugs. Heat therapy is a drug-free treatment option, so overdosing, reliance or addiction is no risk. 

Eliminates Tension And Stress

Natural stones, which are found in many of these heating pads, have therapeutic benefits for tension and stress relief. When the pad heats up, it penetrates sore, stiff muscles and relieves tension throughout the body.

The Healing Properties of Crystals in a Low EMF Heating Pad

The Healing Properties of Crystals 


Its advocates say that it has healing properties that can aid patients with various ailments, including general medical diseases, emotional issues, energy healing, and Chakra balance. Amethyst crystal treatment is commonly used to treat nervous system problems, nightmares, sleeping issues, and manage the head Chakra.


Tourmaline, according to crystal healers, aids in self-awareness and understanding of others. It boosts self-esteem and decreases anxiety. Motivation, empathy, patience, and affluence are all feelings that tourmaline arouses in you.

It helps treat paranoia, alleviates dyslexia, and improves hand-eye coordination by balancing the right and left sides of the brain. Because tourmaline relieves stress, it’s an excellent choice for spinal adjustments. It balances male and female energy in your body, giving you more energy and clearing obstructions.


According to crystal healers, Jade signifies tranquility, purity, and understanding gained through tranquility. It enhances feelings of love and care. Jade stones can improve your body’s filtration and elimination organs on a physical level. It is excellent for treating kidney and adrenal gland disorders. Jade can assist in the removal of toxins, the rebinding of skeletal and cellular systems, and the healing of stitches.

What Is a Low EMF Heating Pad

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is a Heating Pad?

Once plugged in, a typical heating pad generates heat using a mechanism inside the pad. This is usually an electric coil of some sort. The coil heats up and gives the user warmth. Infrared energy is used to generate heat in an infrared heating pad. Unlike the heat from a regular heating pad, which is only felt at the skin’s surface, this heat can permeate tissue up to six inches deep.

As a result, infrared heating pads can help relieve muscle tension and discomfort considerably more effectively. An infrared heating pad does not need to get as hot as its traditional counterparts, since infrared light penetrates deep into bodily tissue. They are ideal for anyone sensitive to high temperatures or who just wishes to use their heating pad for a long time.

Do Heating Pads Emit EMF?

Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, home routers, smart meters, and local cell phone towers are the most common sources of this type of radiation in your life. These are the items that come to mind when we consider the dangers of EMF radiation, which is why it’s crucial to have a basic awareness of how other appliances operate. Related: Best Cell Phone EMF Protection

Regular heating pads emit EMF radiation. Because these pads are kept so near to the body, this is very harmful. The inverse-square law states that as we double our distance from a source of radiation, our exposure to it is cut in half. As they are directly on your body, standard electric heating pads purchased at your local market will expose you to a significant amount of radiation. Related: Are Heating Pads Safe?

However, several manufacturers have paid attention to consumer concerns about EMF radiation exposure. As a result, they’ve started making units that emit very little or no EMF radiation. These lower-EMF models take a little more research to find, but they are out there.

How to Measure EMF Radiation on a Low EMF Heating Pad

How to Measure EMF Radiation on a Heating Pad?

To do so, you’ll need a good EMF meter that can detect and measure all sorts of EMF radiation. The new TriField TF2 is recommended because it is easy to use, lasts forever, is incredibly accurate, and measures all three forms of EMF radiation.

Simply turn on your EMF meter to measure electric fields and move it towards the mat while it is on to measure the radiation. Sweep the EMF meter over the mat slowly to see how much radiation it emits in different spots.

Even the heating pads in the list above, which generate very little or no EMF radiation, are likely to emit a small amount from the remote and the mat’s socket. However, there should be almost minimal EMF radiation where your body touches these heating pads. 

If you do not already own an EMF meter, these devices are really useful, and we recommend them for a variety of uses throughout our site. This is a must-have gadget if you are serious about lowering your home’s EMF levels. It may be an investment, but it is one that will pay off in the long run.

How Does Far Infrared Therapy Work?

The mats raise your body’s surface temperature to 107.6 degrees Fahrenheit (42 degrees Celsius) or higher, which stimulates your body’s processes and functions. When the infrared mat causes a tiny temperature increase in the body, it improves the way your body works on many levels.

These invisible energy waves will pass through all layers of your body, reaching the deepest parts of your tissues, bones, and muscles. Unlike a traditional heating pad, which simply warms the air around you, radiant infrared heat heats you directly.

Users claim far-infrared heat (also known as radiant heat) to help relieve pain more efficiently than less absorbent, topical heat, as well as heal, soothe, detox, and energize your body and mind.

What Are Low EMF Heating Pads Made Of

What Is EMF? 

The sun has been emitting waves that form EMFs, or radiation, since the beginning of time. We can observe the sun’s energy radiating out at the same time it emits EMFs. This is light that can be seen. Electric power lines and indoor illumination were widely used around the turn of the twentieth century. Related: How to Block EMF From Power Lines

Scientists discovered that the power cables giving all of that electricity to the world’s population were emitting electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in the same way that the sun does naturally.

Scientists have discovered that many new electrical pieces of equipment produce EMFs over time. Much of the medical world’s diagnostic and treatment equipment, including imaging systems for X-rays and CT scans, was discovered to emit EMFs as technology improved.

90% of the world’s population now has access to electricity and uses appliances powered by electricity. As a result, a lot of electricity and EMFs are generated all over the planet. EMF radiation can be pretty harmful to humans, as it is known to cause many illnesses, among which is cancer. 

How Do You Reduce EMF Exposure?

As we know, EMF radiation can be very harmful to us. It is essential to understand how to limit it. Some things that you can do to reduce the exposure is to:

  • When not in use, turn off devices. This is true for tablets, computers, and other “smart” devices.
  • At night, turn off your Wi-Fi router. An automated timer can easily achieve this, so you don’t have to remember to do it every night.
  • Remove all electronic gadgets from the bedroom. A reduction in blue light exposure will encourage normal melatonin production in addition to decreasing EMF exposure, which can interfere with sleep.
  • Be aware of high-voltage power lines, radio towers, and cell towers in your area. While this is not something we can readily regulate, it is something to consider when purchasing a property, particularly if you have small children.
  • Do not carry your phone with you at all times. EMF exposure is reduced by increasing the distance between your body and the EMF source.
  • Examine your ‘smart’ residence. The more Wi-Fi-connected devices you have in your house, the more EMF your family will be exposed to. Refrigerators, small appliances that can be operated via an app, and wireless devices that can lock the door remotely are examples of this.


With the ever-growing dangers of EMF radiation, it is vital to know how to protect yourself. So when you are buying devices, chances are they emit EMF. You need to make sure that the one you choose is at least a low EMF emitting one.

If you decide to start using a heating pad for various diseases, investing in a low EMF heating pad is well worth the money. You will be saving your body a lot of exposure time, as well as keeping it healthier and safer from EMF radiation’s proven hazards. 

To be even more on the safe side and save energy and time, you can always just choose one from the heating pads included in our list. We have made sure to include only the best of the best.

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