What Are the Negatives of 5G

What Are the Negatives of 5G?

The latest wireless technology advancement is the roll-out of the 5G network. With 5G, the world is promised incredible internet speeds and the ability to accommodate enormous amounts of data. However, in all that excitement,

Solar Panels and EMF Radiation 

What EMF Waves Do Solar Panels Use?

If you are thinking about installing solar panels in your home, there is something that you should know first. Solar panels reduce the energy bill, are an excellent green choice, and protect the environment; nobody

What Does Induction Safe Mean

What Does Induction Safe Mean?

Since the early 2000s, many professional kitchens began introducing induction stove tops to replace traditional gas stoves. However, induction stoves emit high amounts of EMF radiation, which makes them dangerous. So you may wonder what

The Importance of Installing EMF Protecting Canopy Over a Bed 

How to Install a Canopy Over a Bed

If you live in an urban or suburban environment, there is a chance that you live near a cellphone tower. This indicates that the exposure to wireless pollution near your home is extremely high.  According