7 Smart Meter Dangers + Side Effects & Radiation Symptoms

There are no doubts about the fact that smart devices have taken over the world, and we use them in our day to day life. The biggest example of smart devices is the smartphone that you are using right now. Well, you are surrounded by such devices, and smart meters are one of them. They have made things easier, but if we think about the smart meter dangers, things become complicated.

It is a smart device, but is it a smart move to get it installed at your place? Just like you drink clean water and breathe fresh air, it’s important to stay away from devices that can harm you in any way. In this article, we are going to discuss the dangers of smart meters, and how you can combat those issues.

But before knowing their dangers, you should be clear about what they are. Moreover, you should know whether you have one installed at your place or not. This way, it will be easier for you to take the right steps, and do something about the problem.


Smart Meter Dangers A Potential Health Threat - What You Should Know - EMF Guard

Smart Meters: What You Should Know

What Are The Smart Meters?

Electricity has made our lives easier, but we don’t get it for free, and we have to pay the bill depending upon our usage. To measure the usage, we all have a meter in our home, and its reading keeps changing. Usually, an employee of the utility company visits each home after a fixed duration of time to check the reading but it’s a time-consuming process as the employee has to visit every single home in the area and note the reading manually. Moreover, there are chances for errors too. To avoid these issues, companies have started to install smart meters every home, and these two-way devices send the data to them. This way, no employee has to come to your place, and it saves time and money as well.

The meter sends the data quite frequently, and it is stored on a central computer. But in order to do that, they emit RF waves(radio frequency waves), which is the major concern here. It is a form of electromagnetic energy, and it travels through space approximately at the speed of light.

The use of smart meters started in Europe, and utility companies in the US followed using them. The number is increasing with time and it is expected to increase even more in the future. But how are the people exposed to these RF waves?

How Are People Exposed to RF Waves?

The smart meters are installed outside the home in place of the existing traditional meter. In new houses, utility companies are trying to install smart meters instead of traditional ones to avoid replacements in the future. Since they are installed outside the home, the risk of exposure is always there as they are reaching the whole area.

How much RF energy you are exposed to depends on how far you are from the smart meter antenna but the best is to stay far from them. However, the amount of radiation you would be exposed to due to a smart meter is lower compared to other sources. But this doesn’t mean you can ignore this issue, and it’s better to take some preventive measures. Before we discuss the steps that should be taken, let’s have a look at the possible threats.

Smart Meter Dangers How It Can Affect Your Health - EMF Guard

7 Smart Meter Dangers: How It Can Affect Your Health

Heart health issues

Smart meters can affect your heart health, which is a serious issue. You can experience heart-rate changes, which is something nobody would want. If it happens frequently, it may lead to other heart-related issues. These meters can also interfere with heart pacemakers, and we can’t ignore something like this. If it happens to a person, he may need to be hospitalized.

Breathing problems

There have been reports of breathing problems caused by the smart meters. The problem may not be too serious at first, but things can be dangerous if you don’t do anything about it. Moreover, breathing problems can cause issues in your day to day life.


Continuous exposure to this harmful radiation can cause a headache as well. If you don’t maintain a distance from the smart meter in your home, a headache or a fuzzy head can be common problems for you. It may not be dangerous enough to hospitalize you, but having to deal with it every other day can be frustrating for sure.

Sleep disturbance

Having proper sleep every night is very important for us, as a lack of sleep can get in our way of living a healthy lifestyle. But the duration of sleep is not the only concern here, quality of sleep is also a big factor. If you continue to wake up every other hour, even eight hours of sleep won’t feel enough.

You should know that exposure to smart meter radiation can cause sleep disturbances too. You may feel tired even after sleeping for hours, and this can affect your productivity too. If it continues to happen, you may face other health-related problems too. You can face the same problem because of other smart devices, but the good thing about them is that you can turn them off anytime you want.

Digestive problems

Digestive problems are very common, but we often fail to understand the reason behind them. There are several possible reasons, and smart meters can be one of them. Such problems can interfere in your daily activities and turn a good day into a frustrating one.

Memory loss

Some studies suggest that it can cause short-term memory loss. When it comes to something as important as memory function, we can’t take any risks. Just like other issues we discussed above, it can also become a serious issue if you don’t do anything about it.

Smart Meter Dangers and Sleep disturbance - EMF Guard

Decreased fertility

This is another serious problem that you may face because of this harmful radiation. You won’t notice a big difference in a single day, but it can be an issue in the long run. It can also cause birth defects, which is the last thing you would want, and that too because of a meter installed at your home.

These are some issues that you can face because of smart meter radiation. Smart meters emit radio waves just like the other smart devices, but there is a big difference when we talk about threats. You can’t turn off the meter that is measuring your electricity usage, which is the problem here. Both children and adults can suffer from these problems; however, it can be more harmful to children.

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Smart Meters and Cancer 

Yes, smart meters are causing the problems that we discussed above but this issue is much bigger than them. According to some research projects, excessive use of cell phones have a link with a specific type of brain tumor. Since smart meters emit RF radiation, they also increase the risk of cancer which is a serious issue.

We can’t blame a single device as we are surrounded by smart devices; however, their usage is up to us. You can turn off your WiFi router at night if you want and the same is the case with your smartphone but the story is different in the case of smart meters, so it’s better to take some preventive measures. Let’s see what can be done to minimize the risk.

Smart Meter Dangers and Smart Meter Protection - What Can You Do - EMF Guard

Smart Meter Protection: What Can You Do?

Invest in a smart meter shield

You can invest in a smart meter cover that will block RF radiation. If you go with a good quality option, it will block up to 98% of the RF radiation emitted by the meter.

Use EMF blocking paint

Painting the wall behind the smart meter with EMF blocking paint is a good idea as it proves to be a permanent solution. When it comes to effectiveness, these paints can attenuate up to 99% of RF radiation, which is amazing. The black color is most common in EMF paints; however, you can use it as a primer coat and cover it with water-based emulsion paint of any color.

If there are any windows near the smart meter, you will need to do something about them as well. You can use protective shielding films to shield the window, and your job will be done. Another benefit of using such a shield is that it can limit the amount of sunlight entering through your window, which will keep it cool during the summer season. You may not like it during winter; however, if we look at the major benefit of this protective shield, it’s a small thing to deal with.

Distance yourself from the meter

If you don’t want to spend money on a smart meter shield, make sure to distance yourself from the meter. You may not be able to stay too far away from it as it will be installed outside your home, but you can change the positioning of your furniture that is commonly used.

If it’s installed outside your bedroom, it would be better to move your bed away from that wall, and keeping the head of the bed away from that wall will be beneficial. If the meter is outside your living room, try to move your couch away from that wall. It’s worth doing even if it makes a small difference.

Switch to a traditional meter 

Some states offer an option to ‘Opt-Out’, which means you can switch to a traditional meter, and avoid all these issues. If you use a traditional meter, wireless communication technology won’t be used, which will eliminate the emission of radiation. But if you can’t get it replaced, don’t forget to follow the steps we have mentioned above.

So, these are some things that you can do on your own to protect yourself from the dangers of smart meters. A small move can make a big difference in the long run, and when it comes to health, you should never compromise on anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are smart meters dangerous?

If you have read this article carefully, you will know how dangerous smart meters can be. You should not take things lightly as it’s related to your health. Following the above-mentioned methods can protect you against smart meter dangers.

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How far away from a smart meter is safe?

According to experts, it’s good to maintain a distance of about 40-feet from a smart meter. By keeping a distance from them, you can protect yourself from serious health issues.

Why shouldn’t you get a smart meter?

Having a smart meter installed at your home may sound cool, but it won’t be a smart move. As we have discussed in this article, it can lead to several health problems. So, it’s better to stick to traditional meters.

How do I know if I have a smart meter?

The best way to be sure about it is to call your utility company and ask them. They will provide you with all the required details.

Do smart meters cause health problems?

Yes, smart meters can cause several health problems, and we have talked about them in detail. Some are minor issues; however, some are serious, which makes it a big issue.

Do smart meters emit radiation?

Smart meters emit RF radiation, which is the biggest concern here. Low-energy radiation can also cause issues, so you should keep a distance from them.


In this article, we talked about smart meter dangers and discussed a few ways to protect yourself against them. Smart devices have made our lives easier in many ways, but we should know when to limit their use. If you have a smart meter installed at your place, call your utility company today and try to get it replaced. If you can’t follow the steps we mentioned to minimize their effects.

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