Why Is 5G Banned in Some Countries?

There has been a lot of confusion and dispute around the 5G wireless technology in recent years. However, several countries worldwide have no problem with it and embraced its benefits without considering its adverse effects. But where is 5G available, and where is it not? Why is 5G banned in some countries, and can they reconsider? 

We will address every question in our article and give you more insight into this new technology. 

The truth is that technological innovations have changed the world in many ways. Electricity was and still is the biggest revolution humankind has experienced and reached the top level with the advent of wireless connections. Life has become more manageable, and everyday life has become more innovative and fun. 

However, with great power comes great responsibility, and for that comfort that we don’t leave our house to order food and clothes, there is a hefty price to pay. Electromagnetic field protection has become a necessary concern, and people are more worried than ever. Let’s dive deeper into 5G and EMF and answer all of the radiation and EMF protection questions. 

Why is 5G banned in some countries

Electromagnetic Field – EMF

Many people are oblivious to the invisible forces around us and the power of radiation that can be health-damaging. We first need to accept and not ignore the risks of living near a high-voltage power line or a cell tower. 

On top of that, you can quickly become a victim if you never put your phone down. We are here to help and put some sense into you before it is too late. Without criticizing, we like to address all the questions closely related to 5G health effects and EMF. 

EMF or electromagnetic field is a powerful force that radiates from artificial and natural sources. There can be a variety of EMF sources simply because the fields are a result of electrical charges. 

Simply put, whenever you see an electric charge, you can be sure that there is an electric field around it. This applies even when the device is turned off and the screen is pitch black. Every time energy starts flowing, there is a creation of magnetic fields. Magnetic and electric fields are powerful even as individual forces, but as they get more intertwined, they become more powerful, and their strength increases. 


The electromagnetic forces may be invisible, but they can be measured without a hassle. We as people take advantage of them in many forms, and lately, there have been a lot of concerns regarding public health. We face EMF exposure daily, and EMD radiation also proliferates around us. Technology is slowly taking over the world, and for that matter, many researchers have started to tackle this issue. Unfortunately, how bad EMF radiation can affect the human body is murky territory, and that question has no conclusive answer. 

Even though electromagnetic radiation is a rare phenomenon in the entire universe, there are several different types of electromagnetic radiation. Depending on the frequency, wavelength, and energy, they can be classified as radio waves, microwaves, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, infrared radiation, gamma-ray radiation, and x-ray radiation. 

Generally speaking, radio waves have the lowest frequency but the longest wavelength. In comparison, gamma-ray radiation has the shortest and highest. Something worth mentioning is that the waves are not clearly defined because they blend into each other, and their properties drastically change. The radiation becomes ionizing and breaks down electrons from atoms. 

Why Is 5G Banned in Some Countries?

The truth is, 5G has never been banned in any country; countries are simply not in a rush to implement this new technology due to many political and technical factors, which is another topic requiring a different article. One example of this is India. With that in mind, various countries in the world have banned the 5G hardware that Chinese manufacturers distinctly made. 

There are a lot of health rumors surrounding the topic of 5G. Still, many nations appreciate the quantum leap in communication technology but are unwilling to miss out on it. For that reason, outright bans are not involved in the scenario. 

Before going any further, it is time to address the main question, why is 5G banned in some countries?

Why Is the Infrastructure of 5G so Desperately Needed in Most Countries

The truth

As we mentioned, the downside is only associated with the Chinese capabilities of 5G or, more specifically, Huawei Technologies is located in China. This manufacturer is one of the world’s largest providers of telecommunication equipment. 

In addition to that, it offers smartphones and networking gear. There were allegations that the government of China has made a pact with the company and uses the networking for spying purposes. Many competitors have jumped on the wagon and claimed that Huawei is stealing intellectual property from foreign technology companies. 

Although Huawei is willing to accept and sign a no-spy agreement with the governments, the worldwide discussion about the company’s alleged business practices is never-ending. There is an ongoing technological war between China and the USA, and commercial organizations have a general speed to implement 5G wireless networks

As a result, several organizations, countries, regions, and businesses are rethinking their relationship with Huawei and banning 5G. The countries are: 

  • Australia 
  • Brazil
  • Czech Republic
  • Europe
  • India
  • Italy
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Why Is the Infrastructure of 5G so Desperately Needed in Most Countries?

Before 5G came along, communication technology was focused solely on connecting people. However, with 5G, the focus has changed with the speed of light. Instead of telecommunication, people started to connect with their TV, refrigerators, medical devices, stereo sounds, cars, and even humble toasters. 

From the beginning, 5G promised the boost of IoT(internet of things) by connecting devices one with the other. The massive increase in connectivity was combined with the ability to transfer a large amount of data in just milliseconds. This allowed the newly invented technology to be more potent and requested in almost every country. 

The 5G technology was undoubtedly offering new businesses and industries, next-gen services, and products previously unavailable. The industrial society provided millions of jobs improved medical facilities and raised the average citizen’s living standard. Economic research has estimated that since 5G technology surfaced, there has been a global impact worth 12 trillion dollars. 

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Which Countries Have 5G?

Speaking of countries that have banned 5G and the health effects it supposedly has on people, we have to talk about the countries that have embraced 5G and are part of their culture. In 2020, Viavi Solutions, a network testing company in California, published a report named “ The State of 5G Deployments”. The document proved that 5G is available in 34 countries and 378 cities. The company figured this out by drawing on data from publicly available resources such as press announcements, local newspapers, company websites, and industry trade media.

The majority of the EMEA region, which is Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, dominated the studies and this particular area has 168 cities that use 5G networks. In second place is Asia, which has 156 cities, and in the third spot is America with 53 cities. The study applied to both fixed wireless and mobile networks.

What Are the Symptoms of Radiation Exposure

What Are the Symptoms of Radiation Exposure? 

Regarding 5G health effects and the countries that have banned 5G, we like to address the worst-case scenario and explain what would happen if you expose yourself to too much radiation. Since overexposure to radiation has often been downright overlooked or misdiagnosed, the list of adverse side effects is tough to come by. There are a lot of studies that are working on cancer theories, tumor causes, or cell damage. 

However, there is an ongoing debate regarding these severe issues, and so far, the only symptoms that have been connected to radiation exposure are:

  • Bad sleeping pattern 
  • Insomnia
  • Mild anxiety
  • Not so frequent panic attacks
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Depression
  • Nausea
  • Decrease in appetite
  • Trouble with concentrating

These symptoms may not seem serious, but they can collide with other medical conditions and make the diagnosis much more complicated. Even worse, one symptom can cause another; for example, if you are depressed, you will most likely lose appetite, or if you have trouble sleeping, the next day, you will indeed have some trouble concentrating. If you are constantly around the network and have some of the following 5G health effects, use EMF protection or visit your doctor.

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The Final Verdict 

Hopefully, our article cleared the debate of why is 5G banned in some countries and why. You are now aware of the truth and that 5G is not prohibited, and not a single country would like to compromise the enormous impact that this technology brings. 

In addition, Huawei, Samsung, and ZTE have invested billions of dollars into the infrastructure of this technology. Various countries have only banned the Chinese 5G infrastructure due to legal issues and allegations that China uses backdoors and loopholes to spy on people. That is another topic that is not concerning to us and should be addressed by other professionals.

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