What Crystals Block EMF?

You’ve probably found this article because you’re scared of EMF radiation. Your concerns are justified, as EMF may have serious implications on human health after prolonged exposure, especially its thermal effects.

So what can you do to protect yourself against this type of radiation? Thousands of people use crystals and stones as protection, but are they effective, and what crystals block EMF and how? Let’s find out. 

What Crystals Block EMF
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What Crystals Block EMF?

Specific types of crystals help block harmful EMF radiation, while others may even enforce it. That being said, some of the best EMF-blocking crystals you can purchase are:

  • Black Tourmaline
  • Shungite
  • Pyrite
  • Hematite
  • Rainbow fluorite

5 Best EMF Protection Crystals – A Detailed Overview

Black tourmaline - protector from negative energies
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Black tourmaline – protector from negative energies

An inky black crystal with strong grounding forces, black tourmaline is considered one of the most powerful EMF-protection stones.

Because of its powerful grounding effects, it absorbs and deflects radiation and low-vibration forces away from the body. That is also why many people call it an absorber of negative effects and energies. You can wear it without any worry because it has no known toxic effects.

Black tourmaline is boron bonded with other elements like aluminum, iron, sodium, magnesium, and potassium. Since boron is an element in magma, the black tourmaline can most often be found near volcano sites

The stone forms and takes its shape when the magma gradually cools down. Pegmatite is primarily created in the process and is a coarse-grained stone. 

As it cools down further, it forms crystals which we later call tourmaline. The crystal’s inky black color is how black tourmaline was named.

Shungite - the purifier stone
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Shungite – the purifier stone

Shungite is called the purifying stone because of its use since ancient times to purify water. It has this ability because of its composition, which is 99% carbon. The stone is composed of hollow carbon molecules paired with other elements from the periodic table.

Because of the stone’s structure, scientists believe it is more than 2 billion years old and derived from organic substances. They also believe it was brought to earth by meteor showers all those years ago.

According to a study, Shungite’s primary benefit is to shield the body from harmful EMF radiation. The study showed that rats were shielded from EMF radiation with the help of shungite, and the shielding effects resulted in decreased damage made by higher-frequency EMF.

EMF protection is one of many benefits of shungite. The stone also helps reduce inflammation, as another study also showed that the stone has antioxidant properties, which reduce inflammation in hairless mice to a certain extent.

Pyrite - also known as “Fool’s Gold”
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Pyrite – also known as “Fool’s Gold”

Pyrite is a mineral stone, easily mistaken for gold, which is why it’s also known as “Fool’s Gold”. The name pyrite originated from the Greek word pyr, meaning “fire”. Ancient Greeks used pyrite to ignite fires, as it emits sparks when struck against metal.

Composed of iron sulfide, this mineral stone has several healing powers. It may help the body fight diseases and viral infections while increasing its strength and stamina

Besides aiding physical problems and pain, pyrite may effectively overcome fear and anxiety. This means that it may help boost confidence and optimism levels.

According to a study on the crystal morphology of pyrites, this mineral is also effective in absorbing EMF radiation. Although the levels it can absorb are insignificant, it can still block some thermal radiation from EMFs.

Since it can absorb the thermal effects of EMF, pyrite might also be beneficial in aiding and preventing inflammation-related pain.

Hematite - the “blood stone”
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Hematite – the “blood stone”

Hematite is also known as the principal ore of iron. It is one of several iron oxides in multiple colors, the most abundant one being brown or reddish brown. Because of its color, it is also used as a pigment in oil or acrylic color production.

Hematite’s name originates from the Greek word haima, which means “blood”. It is a mineral harder than iron but much more brittle and susceptible to cracking. 

In fashion, polished hematite is something like a gemstone used by thousands of people as jewelry

When we talk about the healing properties of hematite, many consider it to be able to cleanse the blood from toxins

Because of its high-iron composition, hematite effectively stops most low-frequency radiation like EMF and is even effective in absorbing some doses of X-rays. That is why it is widely used in radiation-shielding equipment in hospitals and emergency rooms.

Rainbow fluorite - the clarity crystal
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Rainbow fluorite – the clarity crystal

The only stone on this list to have a plethora of breathtaking colors, rainbow fluorite is a great addition to any stone lover’s collection. Being a multicolored stone, rainbow fluorite is closely associated with calmness, optimism, and confidence.

Rainbow fluorite is a mineral form of calcium fluoride, an inorganic compound of fluorine and calcium. Each rainbow fluorite crystal has tints and shades of purple, green, yellow, and blue, and every single one is unique.

Since this stone is associated with calmness and confidence, it also may increase concentration, boost optimism, and enable a deep sense of self-balance. The stone also has several healing uses.

As far as protection from EMF radiation is concerned, rainbow fluorite helps absorb negative energies and cleanse negative auras. This means it also absorbs all EMF emissions, including thermal energies, which increase inflammation and decrease the positive mood. 

How to Use EMF Protection Crystals

Now that you know what crystals block EMF, below you’ll learn that there are two main ways to use these crystals for protection against EMF radiation:

Wear them on your person

The best way to shield yourself from EMF is to wear crystal on your person at all times.

Thousands of people wear EMF protection crystals and stones as jewelry since most are also considered beautiful fashion accessories. Wearing one as a necklace or bracelet will keep you safe and make you look fashionable at the same time.

Place them in EMF hotspots around your home

Another effective way of using EMF protection crystals is to place them around electronic devices in your home. They will absorb some EMF radiation from them and weaken the rest.

A good idea is to place crystals and stones around your bed so you will be protected when you sleep. Do this, and your sleep cycle should immediately improve.

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