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EHS ( electromagnetic hypersensitivity) is becoming a real issue. What makes this condition extremely unpopular lies inside its nature: it’s a silent and invisible killer that can cause many other accompanying problems, such as headaches, pain in the limbs, ringing in the ears, unexpected mood swings, and even terminal illnesses.

One of the primary sources of EMF is coming from the smart meters. They are installed in every household, from where electric companies get information about how much you spend and how much electricity you need. Instead of reading your status physically, this device sends the required data. 

But with advantages come disadvantages too. So, although smart meters save time, money, and effort for electric companies, it causes health inconveniences to users. For instance, before the smart meter era, the radiation levels were 15% less severe than now. People are starting to experience all sorts of discomfort. And after the doctors prove there is nothing wrong with their health comes the diagnosis everyone forgets about. 

The smart meter shields often use Faraday cage technology to protect the human body from razor radiation waves. They can be easily installed, usually above the smart meter, and they don’t interrupt its normal functioning; the only thing they do is protect the inhabitants from non-ionized exposure. But not only for smart meters, but scientists have also invented anti-radiation boxes from routers since they emit the most excessive radiation energy inside a house after the smart meters.

In this article, we will help you figure out what smart meter guard is the best choice for you, and we will suggest seven other strategies on how to protect yourself from these waves.

Best Smart Meter Shield Brands

Best Smart Meter Shield Review

Smart Meter Guard

The Smart Meter Guard is produced in the USA. The manufacturer guarantees that this shield protects from harmful emissions and radiations, especially coming from strong non-ionized sources like 5G networks. This shield can effectively block almost 98% of the radiofrequency radiation. With over 20 years of experience in this RF/EMF, purchasing the brand’s smart meter shield seems like a natural decision.


The shield has induced Faraday cage technology. This technology is used against dangerous electromagnetic radiation to protect the inner energy from escaping and releasing into the external environment. The shield is made from stainless steel and is easy and safe for installation if the person carefully follows the leads from instructions.

Moreover, the shield is made by a universal model to fit all smart meters inside the USA and Canada. The shield is tested and has a certificate of quality and authorization, meaning that if you buy this piece, you will end up buying an original, not a fake copy, that can still leak EMF waves. 

After you install the smart meter shield, it will safely block most of the dangerous EMF emissions (the newest measurements proved that this protective shield could be effective for about 98% of the EMF radiation). Above all, it blocks the emitted waves behind, ahead, and inside your home. 

All orders are being shipped in the next two days by Priority Mail.

Customer Experience

Customers benefit after installing the smart meter shield. They can sleep better and uninterruptedly. This shield improves the quality of life by reducing night stress, and making people more creative, focused, and turned toward their life goals. 

Moreover, you can forget about headaches, ringing in the ears, sore joints, and limbs. The Smart Meter Guard is also budget-friendly and can be easily maintained. Another plus, when the customers are asked, is the priority shipping, which allows the buyer to get the order only in two days.

  • Made from stainless steel
  • It is proven that it blocks 98% of the EMF radiation, including 5G
  • Tested by a third-party reading
  • It does have certification of authenticity and high quality
  • The meters are universal, fitting standard routers in US and Canada
  • It will be shipped within two days
  • The smart meter shield protector fits only standard-sized routers

Original Smart Meter Cover

Manufactured by a family which is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, the main goal of this Original Smart Meter Cover was to offer families effective protection from EMF radiation, which over time becomes bigger and more dangerous for human health.


This shield is made from 361 high-grade stainless steel that can withstand any weather changes and conditions. Transparent radiation readers prove that it blocks more than 98% of the harmful radiation emitted from different sources, such as 4G and 5G smart meters. So the EMF guard can protect you 24/7 if you install it properly.

With the smart meter shield, you get detailed instructions about placing the shield, a small screw for tightening, and weatherproof strips that can adjust on smaller smart meters. The Original Smart Meter Cover is specially designed to fit all smart meters used in the USA and Canada and can be utilized only for electric meters. Don’t try to install them on shields from different materials, such as water or gas meters since you can cause an unfortunate event.

Original Smart Meter Cover is tested and budget-friendly. You can buy it on Amazon with a money guarantee or a possible refund.

Customer Experience

Many cases are being told through comments about how the Original Smart Meter Cover has changed people’s lives for good. This is the ultimate discovery, especially for people who have EHS, and for some reason, must hold onto the smart meters (if they are temporary tenants). You won’t need to deinstall anything; just place the shield against the smart meter, and you can have your old and quality sleep back. 

Furthermore, customers praise the technicality the shield has been tailored to since it fits the smart meter as a glove. Also, some of them state the fast shipping, the high quality of the product, and the benefits they saw after placing it inside their homes as one of the many options why they chose Original Smart Meter Cover.

  • The EMF guard is made from special high-grade 361 stainless steel
  • It blocks 98% of the harmful RF waves
  • It can fit all smart meters on the territory of Canada and the USA
  • The price is affordable 
  • With the smart meter, you will get a tightening screw and weatherproof adjustments
  • It can be bought online only

EMF Outfitters

If you feel tired, like your life has changed overnight, maybe you should take a look around you and start measuring the level of radiation inside your home. This silent killer is slowly taking control of people’s lives, making them overwhelmed and confused. But the answer is not the one that a doctor can answer, but instead, one purchase. And here, you have the power of ultimate EMF Outfitters.


This EMF cover operates as a Faraday cage, blocking the harmful and extended waves of RF and EMF. The hat made from stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and is a highly conductive material which makes the shield the perfect blocker for all types of radiation. The EMF Outfitters Smart Meter Shield is designed from anti-radiation fabric, which blocks an incredible 98% of radiation waves.

What separates this EMF guard from others is the unique installation approach, including patent-pending metal holders. These magnetic holders keep the EMF defender close up to the smart meter, making sure it fits right. Although it is said to be universal and can adjust to almost any smart meter, some won’t be fitted. No additional assembly, measurements, or complicated installations are needed. The whole process can be easily done and the shield manually placed over the smart meter. All you need to do is slide the cover over the glass portion of the smart meter, and you are ready to go.

Since most smart meters are placed outdoors, the covers are made from weatherproof materials to resist sun, snow, and rain. The EMF Outfitters smart meter cover is created from a spot-welded 361 stainless steel meshing. This material is corrosion-resistant, giving the smart meter cover higher durability than expected. 

Customer Experience

Say goodbye to those old habits that kept you down from living a quality life. After you know the truth about your constant breakdown, mood changes, and annoying ringing in the ears, it’s time to do something. That was the attitude of many customers who thought it was enough to stay still and do nothing about the silent killer in their homes. The EMF Outfitters have thought it all the way- the quality and resistant materials, the efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Once you get rid of the main problem, you will recommend the object that saved you for a lifetime.

  • Made from 361 stainless steel meshing
  • The material is anti-radiant and corrosion-resistant
  • It is pretty easy to install it by yourself
  • Installation and adjustment with patent-pending metal holders
  • Blocks 98% of the harmful non-ionized particles
  • Does not fit with each smart meter, so check sizes before purchasing

Best WiFi Covers Review

JJ Care-EMF Guard for Wi-Fi Router

Transiting in a new field, we present the best guard for routers, built on the principle of Faraday cage. Similar to EMF smart meter shields, they work with the same technique, where the box is trying to keep down the harmful radiation rays. Science has proven that radiation coming from home routers equals the amount of radiation produced from micro ovens. And if you work remotely from home or in an office, you are constantly exposed.


The JJ Care EMF Guard has been proven to efficiently block dangerous waves from radiofrequency and electromagnetic frequencies. It reduces up to 95% of EMF waves emitted from the everyday work of routers, and it prevents them from leaking into the environment. 

This EMF defender works as a Faraday cage, but on the first glimpse is just a metal box with a cap on top. What you should do is simple: just put the router inside the metal box. This won’t interrupt its work or signal but will prevent you and your general health from absorbing the radiation and the adverse effects that can mirror on your health. The box is made from suitable conductive materials that can effectively keep the radiation.

JJ Care router box will fit most of the routers since it is designed on universal and most commonly used size of routers in the USA. Before buying from the company, we advise measuring the router carefully. You should consider leaving space for cables. The box also has a circle where the cables will run through. Be aware that the lid should be constantly closed for maximal utilization of the router box.

Customer Experience

People constantly monitor the positive changes after installing the JJ Care EMF Guard. They measure the radiation, and from a red zone, they state, it comes down to a green light. Their sleep is improved; they don’t notice frequent headaches like before or mind and focus scattering. If you keep your Wi-Fi cage long enough, you will experience neurological advantages.

  • Effectively blocks 95% of the harmful EMF rays produced by routers
  • Works on Faraday’s cage principle
  • It’s pretty easy to install manually if you follow the instructions
  • Suitable conductive materials are used in the manufacturing process
  • Fits the commonly used size of routers inside the USA
  • It may not fit all routers, so when measuring, keep an inch free space from the cables and other measurements

Large Wi-Fi Router Guard Cover

This large EMF defender can protect you and your family from the excessive energy emitted during the normal functioning of routers. The routers have emissions even at night, so many people turn the Wi-Fi off during night time. But that’s not the only option, since humankind has invented another product that can help you prevent yourself and the close ones from the invisible guest inside your house: the EMF radiation.


Large Wi-Fi Router Guard Cover also uses Faraday cage technology, an inventive and simple way to block harmful radiation. It is said that this router box can block around 90% of the dangerous rays emitted from routers, especially the new 5G network. 

Compared to the JJ Care router cage, the advantage of this EMF guard is that the manufacturers thought it through and made a size that can fit each router, no matter what size. Therefore, this box can be the new home of large routers, such as Xfinity, Comcast, and ATT Uverse.

The installation is simple and has only one step. You just need to place the router inside the router shield. So there is no need to skip your internet routine before sleep because until now, you have used the traditional and old method of staying safe-unplugging the cables or turning off the Wi-Fi.

And what will magnetize you right away is instant shipping. Via Priority Mail, you will receive your order within two days.

Customer Experience

One of the most impressive reviews comes from a physics professor for over four decades. He vouches for product efficiency, saying it can reduce the electromagnetic output to a minimum.

  • It fits every router, no matter if small or large
  • It utilizes the Faraday cage technology
  • Blocks around 90% of the dangerous 5G waves
  • It will be shipped with Priority Mail within two days
  • Blocks smaller percentage of EMF radiation compared to other EMF router guards

Smart Meter Shield

7 Smart Meter Protection Strategies to Reduce Radiation Exposure

Switch to an analog meter

Smart meters were invented so that an electric company can read the electrical condition in your home without a physical presence. So, if you want to avoid the severe radiation from smart meters, switch to an analog one. 

When wireless, real-time communication is eliminated, the emission of radiofrequency exposure can be reduced to a significant level.

The process of switching from smart meter to analog meter is called a process of “opting out” and can vary from state to state. You may find out that certain companies charge a fee for this replacement since it is easier for them to read it automatically, while others do this for free. Consult with the customer care representatives before deciding to opt-out or read the laws in your country.

Invest in a smart meter cover

If the laws obligate you to leave the smart meter in your home, you can always do a little online shopping and purchase a smart meter shield. This shield, sometimes referred to as a smart meter cover, is a protective shield that effectively blocks over 98% of the dangerous radiofrequency waves emitted from EMF devices, like smart meters. Related: Smart Meter Dangers | A Potential Health Threat

This cover is a double win for both sides, it can protect the inhabitants from harmful radiation, but it will still allow the company to receive the needed information. These smart meter protectors can withstand any weather condition. They are easy to install and maintain, and their design allows customers to slide them on or off depending on their desires and needs. 

Make а DIY smart meter shield 

But if you don’t believe in the power of online shopping, you can always use a homemade smart meter shield. If you watch YouTube tutorials, you will find them pretty handy and accessible. These DIY shield covers are a cheaper alternative that will have the same and equal power and efficiency as those bought from an online store if you have the patience to construct them, of course.  

Simply put, to make your handmade or homemade cover, you’ll need materials, such as aluminum mesh and aluminum foil. But to do this precisely, watch the tutorials on YouTube.

Hang radiation posters or frames on the walls

Typically, smart meters are placed on the exterior walls or inside the house, like in the hallway.

Whether the smart meters are inside or outside the house, the radiation should be blocked from both sides, from the inside especially. The easiest way to achieve this is by inserting EMF guarding frames. These posters and frames have so far promised the best protection, blocking even 99% of the harmful emission of EMF.

Poster frame liners are available in multiple sizes. They can fit almost any frame, meaning you can transform any picture or piece of art into a radiation-blocking tool without anyone knowing.

Paint the wall surrounding smart meters with EMF-resistant paint

The fifth strategy is similar to the fourth, but it is a more permanent solution with that difference. The EMF paint has high water-resistant properties and is one of the most effective when it comes to fighting off RF and EMF radiation waves with an incredible 99% effectiveness. 

EMF paint is usually black and can be applied as a primer coat. The primer coat can easily be covered with silicone resin paint, water-based emulsion paint, or facade paint. The color is effective against any radiation type, independently where it originates from, whether electric and telephone cables, home supplies, or smart meters.

Distance yourself from where the smart meter is placed

The most important key in protecting yourself is distancing from the primary source of distress, in this case, the smart meter. Maybe on some occasions, like in our office, we can’t escape being too close to the Wi-Fi router, but in our home, we surely can adapt and make some changes that will help us avoid the radiation.

Maybe the process of rearranging the house to suit your needs could take some time and effort, but you can see this as a positive change too, involving creativity. For example, if the smart meter is installed outside of the master bedroom, you can replace some furniture around. Move your bed to the opposite side, оr switch it with the closet. The closet can be at least additional protection. 

Sleep with your head as far as possible from the wall where the smart meter is installed.  The same strategy applies to the positioning of the dining table and especially the couches in the living room. Sofas should not be up against the wall where your smart meter is installed.

Shield the windows that surround the smart meter

It’s pretty standard that radiation can come from the outside too, thanks to the placement of the windows. And if your smart meter is positioned near a window, you must shield the window properly. The protective shielding films have an impressive 98% effectiveness. But what is a positive aspect of these films can be a downside. On the other hand, they limit the amount of sunlight penetrating your room.

While this may be advantageous for keeping your house at the optimal cooling temperature in summer, it is a side effect if you are a person who wants to enjoy the natural lighting. If you decide to EMF-proof your house with these window films, you may need help from an experienced instructor to install them.

Are Smart Meter Shields Effective

Frequently Asked Questions

Are smart meter shields effective?

Yes. If we assume that you want to block the radiation from the smart meters, they work. Even if you make a homemade shield that is simply an installation of aluminum and bubble wrap, you can see that it will do the job correctly. If you decide to purchase one, make sure to buy a high-quality cover designed from stainless steel mesh that is weather-resistant and will serve you long-term in the struggle against harmful radiation.

If you still have concerns if the smart meter shield you’ve bought is authentic and really blocks the radiation, or just a marketing scam, you should use an EMF meter to test its effectiveness. And if the EMF meter confirms your doubts, you can return it with a solid explanation, but only if the primary packaging is in good condition. 

Will I be able to opt out of having a smart meter?

Some states do have opt-out laws. And if you are lucky enough to live in one of the following states, maybe you can sort something out:

  • Maine
  • Vermont
  • Massachusetts
  • Ohio
  • Maryland
  • Texas
  • California

But the residents of other states may not be so lucky since they have different policies. And if you are interested deeper in this problem, you should read about it on the National Conference of State Legislatures page.

Are there any downsides to shielding the RF from the smart meter?

Many places may surround you with non-ionized radiation, such as Wi-Fi connections and cordless phones. And suppose you have various external sources outside your home and living space, like smart meters and cell antennas. In that case, you should consider protecting yourself from the negative radiation charge with some sort of shielding technique. Related: Best Cell Phone EMF Protection

If you want to find and mark the place inside your home where the most radiation occurs, you should buy an EMF meter measurer. The measurement process is not complex, and if you follow the instructions, you can manage it all by yourself after a while. Considering this, shielding material between you and your “smart” meter can cut the negative effects on your health.

However, no one can guarantee that measuring and covering the smart meter will help all persons who feel overwhelmed by their smart meters because other electrical items play their role in this new-millennium illness. Don’t forget about the grounding that goes with each shielding arrangement. And if you have the opportunity, it is always best to remove the radiation source, such as settling with an analog meter, etc.

Can I shield the radiofrequency emitted from my gas meter?

Gas meters are often free-standing, and if you feel that this device burdens your health additionally, you can cut it without further hesitation. If you cut or shield your gas meter, the amount will be greatly reduced. You can realize this by measuring with an EMF reader. You can use a flexible metal screening mesh and a stapler, wrapping the meter and stapling it in one place. Then go on, and cut an opening in the side furthest from your house or apartment, to let the signal out. This way, you make sure to direct the RF away from your home.


We can’t distance ourselves from the constant radiation that is not just coming from home supplies and devices but from satellites, antennas, and telephone cords. For many people in the world, the invention of the Internet, cordless phones, mobile and portable devices was a blessing. Still, for those treating electromagnetic hypersensitivity, the technology progress can be a curse, especially after electric companies found a way to outsmart the traditional way of reading your electric status by installing smart meters in every home.

There is a way to do something about this problem, but some states inside the US don’t believe in the term “opt-out”. You can settle with the company and switch to an analog meter, but this doesn’t depend on you; sometimes, it doesn’t even depend on the company. Strict regulations must be followed if you don’t want to end up paying penalty fees.

You can EMF-proof your home, thanks to the smart meter shields we have presented above, or you can cut the radiation coming from your Wi-Fi router by trapping the radiation source inside an EMF protector box. The alternative methods of how to protect your home include special anti-radiation paint, window posters, and frames; you can DIY a practical smart meter with aluminum and bubble wrapping. However, the best strategy to avoid excessive radiation is finding the biggest source of radiation and distancing yourself from that spot/place.

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