What Is Low EMF Hair Dryer?

When it comes to EMFs, many forget that they are not limited to only being emitted by cell phones, computers, and other similar electronic devices. EMFs are also emitted by appliances like induction stoves and hair dryers, which is especially dangerous as most people use them daily. 

Luckily, you can purchase a low EMF hair dryer. And if you have never heard of it before, you may wonder what is low EMF hair dryer. It is important to take action and reduce your daily absorption of EMF radiation, which is best done by being aware of the devices that emit it. 

What Is Low EMF Hair Dryer
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What Is Low EMF Hair Dryer?

Hair dryers are another source of harmful EMFs, so looking for low-EMF options is important. A low EMF hair dryer is a dryer that emits less radiation than regular ones. It is better to use a low EMF hair dryer as it is a device that most people use daily. 

Low EMF Hair Dryers and EMF Radiation 

Electronic devices of every kind produce electromagnetic fields or EMFs. There exist three EMF categories: magnetic field, electric field, and radio frequency. You are exposed to radiofrequency radiation when data is wirelessly sent from devices like your cell phone or Wi-Fi network

Magnetic field radiation is a different sort of EMF that is produced by hair dryers. You should know that some hair dryers can emit high levels of this EMF radiation, which could have negative health effects.

Hair dryers can emit high EMF radiation levels throughout the period you use them. And because you use hair dryers close to your head and every day, you are constantly blasting radiation directly in your head.

In order to reduce the constant radiation emission of hair dryers, it is best to buy a low-EMF hair dryer instead of a regular one. It is incredibly important to reduce the EMFs you absorb by using a hair dryer directly on your head, as according to research, they can adversely affect the human nervous system.

The amount of EMFs hair dryers emit

According to research done by the Long Island Power Authority on how much magnetic field radiation certain home appliances release, hair dryers emit electromagnetic field radiation (EMF) in the following amounts at the following distances: 

  • Distance of 1 inch – 60 mG to 200 mG (milliGauss)
  • Distance of 1 foot – 1 to 1.5 mG per meter
  • Distance of 3 feet – 1 mG

These amounts are considered acceptable for a hair dryer of typical, regular power. However, these numbers are significantly higher because you are using the hair dryer close to your head which is not taken into account by the Long Island Power Authority. 

As a result of prolonged exposure to EMF radiation, certain people who have what is known as EHS or Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity are likely to experience very real physical symptoms and health problems. 

Although most of us are lucky not to have EHS, this does not make us any safer. EMF radiation has been demonstrated to result in a wide range of serious health problems.

Low EMF Hair Dryers and EMF Radiation 
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Hair Dryer EMF and Beauty Experts 

While people can easily forgo drying their hair with a hair dryer at home to limit their exposure to EMF radiation, beauty experts cannot. In fact, hairstylists and people that work in beauty salons are at the most risk of EMFs.

Even if you use a hair dryer daily, you likely only use it for a few minutes. However, many beauty professionals use it dozens of times throughout the day. This will increase their cumulative exposure to EMF radiation, which will inevitably harm their health in the long run

If you are a beauty professional and are concerned about your exposure, you may want to consider getting a low EMF hair dryer. Hairstylists can also protect themselves by wearing aprons and other shielding materials to further limit their EMF exposure. 

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Low EMF Hair Dryers to Limit EMF Exposure 

As you are likely using a Wi-Fi router and cell phones in your home, you are already exposed to EMFs. However, that does not mean you should not look into solutions to limit your exposure from other devices, and a low EMF hair dryer is an excellent solution. 

With this type of hair dryer, the EMF output is significantly reduced. Also, a low EMF hair dryer means you have one less device to worry about. 


Other Ways to Limit EMF Exposure From Hair Dryers

Put distance between you and the hair dryer 

The most crucial thing you can do is maintain a safe distance from it. The further away a hairdryer is from you, the less EMF radiation it emits. In fact, the best way to limit our exposure to EMF radiation is to keep a safe distance from the source. 

This is why you should keep your blow dryer at least a few inches farther away from your head than usual when using it. Even a little distance goes a long way in limiting your exposure to EMF radiation. 

Air or towel dry your hair 

If you have the time, you can also let your hair air dry, which will not only limit your EMF but it will save you on electricity. You can also shower at night instead of in the morning, so your hair has enough time to dry.

Towel-drying your hair beforehand is another excellent way to lower your exposure. Towel drying will eliminate most of the water, shorten the time it takes to use your hair dryer, and decrease the time it is held close to your head.


If you are still wondering what is low EMF hair dryer, you should know that it is an excellent way to limit your EMF exposure. Low EMF hair dryers will greatly limit your exposure compared to regular hair dryers. 

If you do not already have one, you should consider buying a low EMF hair dryer. After all, there is no reason for you to be overexposed to EMF when there are already too many devices around you that emit EMF radiation.

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